Australia's start-up-focused app development agency.

At Appstra, we develop software for Aussie start-ups. We employ the use of cutting-edge frameworks and state-of-the-art development in order to ensure that our apps are loved by our clients, and their audience.

Ready, Set, Launch.

We implement the use of agile development in order to ship features, gain feedback, and launch.


We engage with our clients in multiple consultation sessions to analyse their business, and to identify the ways in which an app can benefit them

Code Sprints

After we engage in consultations with our clients, we embark on several code sprints in order to quickly ship features, gain feedback, and implement new additions


After these processes have been concluded, we work with our clients to either get approval from Apple to launch onto the App Store, or to implement the app within their enterprise.

Our Portfolio

We've been making apps for over 5 years. We know how to hack success and build with quality

250,000+ Downloads

Our apps have been downloaded over 250,000 times over the past 5 years. Covering fields such as education, construction, restaurant delivery and enterprise tracking

50+ Countries

In total, our apps have been downloaded in over 50 countries across the world. We have a true global reach and can cater to markets in Australia, Europe, Asia and the US

App Store Connections

The Appstra team have developed strong relationships with the Apple App Store team. They've released 5 apps to the app store and have been invited to exclusive Apple events recognising Australia's top developers

2,000,000 Sessions

Users have used apps created by Appstra over 2,000,000 times. We know how to engage users in every field

Our features

We pride ourselves on being able to develop apps with sophisticated levels of technology and features. We develop all of our apps using the React Native framework, which created apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Bloomberg and Wix.

Instant communication

Using Google's FireBase servers, our apps have delay-less response times. Allowing for instant IoT communication, download, and upload speed at all times.

Data and Analytics

Our clients are able to track users' analytics and key data trends in real time. We are then able to make changes to the app based on user feedback and movement

Location based services

An increasing number of apps utilise location-based services to deliver a great experience for users. We integrate these features within our apps to increase user engagement

Appstra in the Media

Our founder Nicholas Mihailou has been widely recognised across various publications and developer events for his unique story in tech

In late 2020, $400 Million dollar EdTech startup, Crimson, interviewed our founder Nick Mihailou about Appstra's early success in the app development space, and how he's used his early exposure to app development in order to build apps with a different perspective.

Crimson Education "Top of the Class" Podcast

Sydney, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Appstra only develop apps?

Absolutely not! Our speciality is in app development, but we've developed software for companies through websites, enterprise software, artificial intelligence and augmented reality.

How much does Appstra charge for an app?

Every app is different, so we always calculate quotes according to unique product needs. Additionally, we work with start-up founders to access funding through angel networks, in order to fund their projects effectively!

What makes Appstra better than the competitors?

Unlike most Australian app development agencies. Appstra focuses exclusively on start-ups. If you do any market research on the Aussie app market, you'll quickly find that most agencies focus on enterprises and established companies due to their deep pockets. We'd rather work with young, hungry founders looking to build Australia's next unicorn.

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